Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ich bin zurück!

Viel hat in der Schule geändert.

Es dauert einige Tage, um es allen zu erklären.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I know this Dame, but I can't seem to place a name with sie face.

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Is sie a Freundin? Emeny? Geliebter?

Was!? sie ist mein Geliebter? als geschah dieses?

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Party

I started the night looking around for Logan, but instead I got lead onto the dance floor by Wanda. Lucky for me someone else cut in after third song.

I walked away from the dance floor in time to see Logan and Vegeta being yelled at by Professor Xavier.

It was at this time that I ran into some guy, he tried to lead me back to the dance floor. Ever time I told him nien, he keep up trying to get me to go with him. And with the Professor Xavier busy dealing with Logan I figured I could transport myself out of the room without being yelled at the time.

I ended up outside, where I was two very young kinder trying to leave the mansion.

One of them disappeared before my eyes and before I knew it I couldn't move to stop the other one from getting away.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cassandra Nova's back, but who is this person?

Logan is upset with this information. He's been hanging around me, more and more each passing day.

Professor Xavier has gone into hidding, well he's somewhere in the mansion. As to where, I'm not sure and no one can tell me why.

This person just scares me. Is she a person or is she a ghost?

Oh sure, there are some nice people in this mansions but for me it's very hard to make friends when everyone is upset.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I made it to Westchester, New York but I was beated up by a group of people.

Lucky for me this man showed up when he did and helped me out.

I was scared at first, until he said that he knew of a person who could help. When he asked me to get on his bike, I thought might as well I got nothing more to loss.

He took me to a place then said "It's a school and it's a place for people like us." I looked at him and wonder what have I goten myself into now.

"Come on Elf, let's get you inside." He said as he walked towards a door. I teleported myself from the place I was standing to about a foot away from him. When he turned to me and ask "Do you always have to do that?"

"Was?" I asked not knowing what it was he was asking.

"That thing you just did, don't do it again." He frankly said, then turned and starting walking towards the door. I followed not sure what was waiting for me behind that door.

I been working for the Bavarian circus since I was born. It is a good life for me and my family but that all changed when some american millionaire bought it. He moved us all to america where he started to selecting acts to join his circus.

He told me that I was to be part of a freak act. I was upset, and left the circus.

I tryed to make it on my own, but it's been a hard on me.

I'm now working my way up to Westchester County, New York state . Maybe there I will find peace.